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Participant Expectations

Community Standards

Because our greatest priority is the well-being of our participants, you will be asked to sign a pledge to abide by our community standards. Following the Community Standards will assure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Each participant is expected to respect the rights and property of all other participants, staff members. and the University. Please remember that you are a guest of the City of Houghton and Michigan Technological University.

Attendance Requirements

  • You must attend all selected daytime sessions.
  • Evening recreational activities, special student-formed groups, etc., are optional, but you are encouraged to participate in as many different experiences as possible.

Substance Regulations

Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or drug-related paraphernalia, fireworks or other explosives, and weapons have no place here. If you are found using or possessing any of these, it will be considered a major violation; no warning need be issued before removing you from the program.

Michigan smoking laws prohibit smoking under the age of 18. Underage buying, smoking, or possession of tobacco is a misdemeanor punishable by a $50 fine. Participants who possess tobacco products will be asked to leave the program at their expense. and the program fees paid will be forfeited. Additionally, Michigan Tech is a smoke, vapor, and tobacco-free campus.

On Campus Restricted Areas

Anytime you leave campus you must be accompanied by a staff member or authorized adult, this includes trips to the Student Development Complex (SDC).

You must cross the street only by the crossing guard. McNair Hall, Hillside Place, and Douglass Houghton Hall (DHH) are off limits.

Residence Hall Requirements

  • Students must be on floor for their on-floor meeting every night of the week. Students are not allowed to leave the floor after this time.
  • Members of different gender (except parents, guardians, or staff) are not permitted in participants' rooms or immediate living area (hall).
  • The indoor and outdoor lounge areas, recreation room, and TV room, are available for you to interact with your friends.
  • Personal friends, not associated with the program, are not allowed to visit during your stay in the residence hall. Unusual situations should be approved by the director before the program begins.
  • Participants are not permitted to drive while they are here. Students who drive themselves to the program must turn in their keys to the main office and park where instructed.
  • You will be briefed about these rules by the head counselor on Sunday afternoon. Your counselor will also explain these rules. Be sure to ask questions if you do not understand a rule or regulation.

Michigan Tech Summer Youth Programs reserves the right to terminate the stay of any student when it is deemed to be in the best interest of either the student or the program (as determined by the University and the program staff). The University and the program and the program staff expressly reserve the exclusive right to establish and determine the standards of conduct behavior, and performance of the participants engaging in the program and to require compliance with such standards as a condition of participation in the program. Students who do not follow these rules, or who engage in dangerous or inappropriate behavior, will be expelled from the program at their own cost. Examples of inappropriate behavior include such things as causing disruptions in class, the use of profane language, and the repeated violation of minor rules. This is not a complete list. If you have any further questions: about what behaviors are unacceptable. please contact our office at 1-888-PRECOLLEGE.

SYP Rules

Program Rules:

  • We are a no smoking program. If you have cigarettes they must be turned in at the front desk. Absolutely no alcohol and drugs allowed at any time. Please be aware that there are some important rules (drugs, alcohol, boundaries – just to name a few), and if they are violated, the student(s) involved may be sent home immediately, at their own expense.
  • Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives) are not allowed in your possession at any time. Pocket knives need to be turned into the front desk, if the student plans to use it for an exploration.
  • If you drove yourself here, you must turn your keys into the office and park your car in the appropriate lot (to avoid ticketing/towing). They will be returned to you at the end of the Program. A parking pass must also be purchased at the front desk.
  • Please turn in all medications prescription and non-prescription into the office. Inhalers and Epipens are the only prescribed items allowed to be kept on the person of SYP participants.
  • Dining Hall – bus your own trays, only enter once per meal, please don’t loiter as the dining hall will be busy.

Gender Boundaries:

  • No females on the section of Wads which houses male students - 3rd floor and 4th east.
  • No males on the section of the floor which houses female students – 4th west.
  • All students may share the game room, the TV room, lounges, and other areas which have been designated by SYP as community spaces.

Room Rules:

  • You may not switch rooms under any circumstances.
  • The room key you are issued is your responsibility and should not be loaned or given to anyone else. If you lose your key, contact your counselor who will request a replacement key for you. There is a $75.00 charge for keys that are replaced or for keys that are not returned at the end of your stay.
  • You will be charged a fee if you damage and/or remove any screens from the windows or damage any other room furniture.
  • Do not remove furniture from rooms.
  • Candles and other open-flame objects are not permitted in the residence halls. The smoke detectors are particle detectors, so don’t spray deodorant to hair spray near them.
  • Please pick up after yourself & keep rooms neat.

Class Rules

  • Music devices & video games may not be brought to classes. Radios and stereos should be kept at a low volume in the residence halls.
  • Cell phones must be turned off and put away when in class or special presentations.

Campus Boundaries

  1. Never leave the campus boundary without a counselor, instructor, or other authorized adult and make sure your name is on the activity sign out sheet. Parents/friends/or relatives who want to take you to/from campus must go to the front desk to sign you in/out.
    • If you want to leave the boundaries with a relative or friend of the family you must have the relative sign a student release document at the front desk, and sign back in at the front desk upon your return. This rule is in effect as soon as you register. Parents should leave written permission for students to leave with persons other than themselves. Please note that these outings must not conflict with any mandatory activities on the schedule.
  2. Cross US 41 only at the designated crosswalk, follow the directions of the crossing guard
  3. Never cross Cliff Drive (the road at the back of the main campus without a counselor or instructor.
  4. Please use only the main stairwell and do not use the elevators aside from luggage. The other stairwells are alarmed.
  5. Absolutely no “horseplay”, excessive noise, or inappropriate behavior in the academic buildings on campus.

Participant Handbook




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